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  • Developer: Hovhannes Avoyan.
  • Genre: editor
User Rating: PicsArt app Rating 4.9

PicsArt app For PC, Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download

PicsArt App: Drawing Apps are a brand-new super-tool for artists and illustrators. Making the leap from paper to digital, tech-savvy artists are taking use of the drawing and art programmes’ robust drawing tools, special effects, capacity to produce vector or raster pictures, and even 3D models.


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PicsArt App for PC, Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download


For creatives, there are a tonne of sketching, painting, and drawing applications available right now, each with a unique selling point. Others are skilled at graphic illustrations, while others thrive at vector graphics. For manipulating images, simulating hand sketching, and 3D modelling, there are specific applications. Many drawing applications are accessible for free, even if some only have premium editions.

Well today we are talking about one of those apps that has become extremely popular and the name of this really stunning app is PicsArt Photo Editor. And furthermore, we will be learning how to download and run the PicsArt App for PC as well as the PicsArt App for Windows.

About PicsArt App

A free social network programme called PicsArt Photo Editor focuses on modifying images and videos using cutting-edge software. Your edited photos can be shared with the PicsArt community. You may edit user-shared photographs using the photo editing software. You may participate in challenges to obtain rewards like memberships.

Since you can remark, like, and save photographs and each user has an account and profile, the PicsArt app’s design is similar to Instagram’s. You may create graphics using programmes like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Canva, Snapseed, and VSCO as alternatives to PicsArt.

The Functionality of PicsArt App

Picsart app for pc

With a social creative community, the Picsart suite of online picture and video editing tools, a technology firm called Picsart is situated in Miami, Florida. Users of the site may shoot and edit photos and videos, add effects using layers, and publish the results on Picsart and other social media. One of the most downloaded applications in the world, it has purportedly been downloaded more than 1 billion times across 180 nations.

The PicsArt programme includes collages, stickers, backdrops, time-lapse, burst, front- and back-camera effects. Additionally, it supports picture search, thematic contests, and sketching (on a photo, a blank canvas, or the backdrop). The sketching mode is fantastic and has enough of options and controls to make it enjoyable and accurate. Collage features, for example, still provide significant customization choices. For some, Facebook integration, which allows you to upload all of your projects effortlessly and effectively, may be the greatest option.

Golden Elements

You may access premium features like cutting-edge editing tools with the Gold subscription. The premium subscription includes access to the PicsArt logo editor for usage in professional settings. With the membership package, watermarks can also be eliminated. Before choosing to sign up for a monthly membership, you may try PicsArt for free.

FX Options

In the “FX” menu of PicsArt, there is a blur option. The editing tools are accessible once you submit a photo. You may begin editing by pressing the + button in the centre of the user interface. A range of multimedia assets, including pictures and movies, can be uploaded. Alternately, you can alter a photo shared by the public by visiting the “Replays” area.

You may assemble many images from your library into collages. You may select from categories like events, seasons, and more in a templates area. The “All templates” tab will let you select from a number of different social media looks. Depending on the social network app you choose to use, such Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter, your image will be cropped to the proper size.

Library Free Features

You may tap the media you wish to use to activate the editor on PicsArt, which offers a wide collection of free pictures. Backgrounds with pre-made graphics or simple colours are also acceptable. There are outstanding editing tools in PicsArt. You may identify the areas you wish to remove using an eraser tool. There are unique features in the “Retouch” tab. You can modify the colour of your skin, eyes, and hair.

Unwanted markings can be removed with the ‘Blemish Fix’ command. The “Teeth Whiten” option allows you to brighten your teeth. The uncolored portions of the image will be cropped off when you use the free crop tool to colour in the areas you wish to preserve.

A gradient place

Picsart app for pc

With the use of detecting technologies, PicsArt has made the process of eliminating portions of the image simple. The ideal region to cut around is automatically determined by the lasso tool. You may choose the “Person,” “Face,” “Clothes,” “Sky,” and other choices to save only those portions of the image. To keep the changes, click the “Apply” button in the top right corner.

Features of the PicsArt App


  • Try trendy filters for images and popular photo effects .
  • Change backgrounds quickly by using the Background Remover.
  • With the Remove tool, photos may be cleaned up of unnecessary elements.
  • Use one of the many selected, cost-free photos or modify your own.
  • Text may be added to images using unique designer fonts.
  • Create your own stickers and add them to photos.


  • With your chosen images, make trendy photo collages.
  • Try photo collage in a grid, freestyle collage, scrapbook, and picture frames.
  • Use our meme maker to become viral and spread the word to your pals.
  • Share your experiences with others as you relive them.


  • Find more about more than 60 million Picsart stickers.
  • To make your photo modifications more entertaining, add stickers to the images.
  • Download and use any sticker for free.


  • Selfies may be outlined using the trendy Sketch effects.
  • Canvas effects may transform portraits into works of art.
  • Utilize dripping effect stickers to create drip art and change the blend mode.
  • Create a cartoon version of yourself in a matter of seconds.


  • You may always access NEW, EXCLUSIVE stuff with a Picsart Gold membership. Purchase the whole Picsart editing package and create without boundaries.

Pros and Cons of PicsArt App


  • unique stickers
  • rewarding difficulties.
  • video and photo editor.
  • Join the neighbourhood.
  • full-featured editing programme.
  • excellent tools for retouching.


  • does not specify the editing process properly.
  • Photo, video, and collage maker in PicsArt.

FAQs of PicsArt App

PicsArt App for PC is it free?
You may use PicsArt’s online editor in your web browser for free. Mobile phones and tablets running Android and iOS may use PicsArt. On laptops and desktop computers running Windows and Mac OS, you may download PicsArt. Gold is the name of a monthly subscription at PicsArt.

What’s new in PicsArt App for Windows?
The creators of PicsArt frequently update the programme. The community is continually adding fresh stuff to PicsArt, which is another fascinating feature.


PicsArt App is a picture editor that also functions as a social networking platform since users can interact with authors by leaving comments, appreciating their work, and saving it. Since the programme hosts contests for users to enter, PicsArt may both challenge and motivate you to create outside of your creative comfort zone. The photo editor has both sophisticated and straightforward photo editing features that are hard to find, such as the “Retouch” option that allows you to alter the hair colour in photographs.


User Reviews of PicsArt App


I love the PicsArt App for PC a lot! They don’t show many advertisements outside those pleading with you to subscribe to the premium plan, but one thing I dislike is that while I’m conducting a replay, it doesn’t let me know there’s a premium feature there. I must thus chose something else instead of the component that made me enjoy it. I believe that the replays with premium features need to have a small crown on them. Just that.


PicsArt App for Windows used to be fantastic, but now you have to pay $60 annually for access to half the capabilities, and if you want to download the edited photographs without the annoying watermark, you have to be a member. I’m not getting ripped off for a two-year free subscription to an app. Time to proceed. Definitely not worth 60 dollars annually. 60 dollars for a single purchase? Acceptable. 25 dollars per year? Likewise acceptable Pass.


This software has been fun to use, and the filters are pretty interesting. However, it is quite sluggish and needs a lot of storage to function correctly. When I’m editing, I keep getting the notice “Device storage is too low.” This problem persists even after I check my device’s settings and make sure there is space. It’s unfortunate that I haven’t been able to discover another app as fantastic as this one. If what I mentioned doesn’t bother you, I strongly advise trying something else.


This software is incredible! There were so many things I could do even without a gold subscription! I used the app on my iPhone to complete the transaction before switching back to Android when I obtained a new phone. When I bought a membership through the app, I learned that it was not portable between platforms. I called customer support, and they were really nice about reactivating my membership on my Android smartphone without any issues and with a rapid response. Regards, Picsart!